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How To Use



Step 1

Add one part JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Pure Concentrate to a clean urn.

Step 2

Add four parts filtered water into an urn.

Step 3

Stir and serve over ice. Delicious!

See This Process in Motion

Water and a measuring cup are all you need to make any size batch of JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee for your foodservice operation. Check out our short video to see how easy it is to offer cold brew coffee to your guests.

Not sure what JAVA HOUSE® product is right for your operation? Check out our recommendations below.

Authentic Cold Brew Pure Concentrate: Make the Batch Size That’s Right for You

Our Pure Concentrate easily makes any size batch on demand with no waste or excess. Prepare in a pitcher for back of house or coffee bar serving or prepare a larger batch in a beverage urn for customer self-service. Shelf stable for 12 months.

Ready to Drink Pure Black: A Great Addition to Your Foodservice Operation

Our ready to drink Pure Black cold brew products are a great addition to your cooler and are shelf stable for 12 months. Our 10 oz. bottle works well when customers want a portable, chilled coffee option while the 32 oz. bottle can be used to quickly pour a glass of cold brew on demand. This larger size is the perfect solution for foodservice operations where coffee is prepared back of house or behind a coffee bar.

Specialty Cold Brew: Delicious Flavors, Smooth Taste

Our Lightly Sweet collection (Vanilla, Mocha, Salted Caramel) combines our authentic cold brew coffee with classic, natural flavors and a touch of cane sugar for an exciting pick-me-up. And for those customers looking to indulge, our Cold Brew Frappés (Vanilla, Mocha, Coffee) are a rich and creamy treat they will love. Both are shelf stable for 12 months.

Tips For Best Taste

JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee is best served black over ice. Offer an assortment of sweeteners, milk and cream, so your guests can enjoy a customized cold brew experience.

Keep a prepared batch of JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee in a chilled covered urn or dispenser. Keep an ambient sample for no more than 6 hours. Since it’s easy to make our cold brew coffee on demand, minimize waste by making smaller batches throughout the day.

JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Pure Concentrate can maintain its great flavor for up to 2 weeks after opening. Once opened, keep containers refrigerated and sealed between batch preparations.